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December 18, 2020
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The Basics of Picture Frame Care

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If you have lots of photos displayed in your house, chances are good that you don't know how to properly care for your picture frames. Find out what you need to do to safeguard your pictures and keep your favorite framed photos looking great for years.

Creating Duplicates of Your Important Photos

One of the best things you can do to care for your pictures, is to make sure you have a way to create a high quality duplicate.With digital cameras, it's easy to take and print photos whenever you want.But what about your old photos displayed on your walls or table tops?Do you know where you keep all of your negatives, slides or CDs stored in case you need to replicate them?

Those special one-of-a-kind photographs require high quality replication to help make sure that you never lose your photo memories. There are several ways to make copies of your old photos, but it is best to seek the help of a professional who will correctly replicate your photographs and ensure they're not damaged in the process.

Clean Your Photo Frames Regularly

Just like any other item in your home or office, picture frames get dirty and need to be dusted regularly.The best way to do that is to lay your picture frame face down on a thick towel. This will protect the frame's finish and glass from scratching. Next, remove the backing and carefully take out the picture.

Once you have opened the back of the frame and taken out the photo, you can lift out the glass from the frame. Go ahead and clean the glass with a glass cleaner.Remember if it's acrylic you should only use soap and water as glass cleaner will ruin the acrylic. Paper towels can scratch the surface of acrylic, so it is better to use cloth towels.If you're wanting to use conservation techniques and protect your photos , you should only clean the glass with a cloth as paper towels leave an acid residue behind on the glass.

The care of your picture frame depends largely upon the material and finish of your frame. To clean a wood picture frame with a smooth lacquer finish use a dust cleaner or a water dampened cloth.To prevent damaging your frame, find out if your frame has a lacquered finish so you don't ruin your frame by cleaning it the wrong way. And, be sure to remove your picture from the frame before cleaning with a spray cleaner.

For unfinished frames with a raw or unprotected wood surface, be extra careful with these frames as they can be damaged by improper cleaning. Unlike finished or lacquered wood frames with a protective finish, unfinished wood picture frames should only be dusted with a soft dry toothbrush or possibly a small vacuum. This method cleans off dust without leaving the frame wet or with pieces of towel or paper towel stuck to the rough unfinished wood finish.Avoid using wood or dust cleaners on unfinished wood frames as they can discolor or stain the bare wood frame.

How to Care for Your Metal Picture Frames

Metal picture frames can be cleaned in several ways.Use a water dampened towel to gently clean off any metal picture frames.Wipe the frame carefully and then dry with a soft dry cloth to avoid leaving water spots.

If you have a precious metal frame, like a solid pewter photo frame, silver plated frame or sterling silver frame, you need to determine if it has a lacquered finish. In most cases, if you've had the frame for a while and it hasn't tarnished you can be pretty sure it's a lacquered frame. A lacquer finished frame should only be cleaned with a water dampened cloth and gently dried with a dry, soft cloth towel.

If you have an old silver frame that's tarnished, then you can be pretty sure that it doesn't have any lacquer coating and should be cleaned with a quality silver cleaner. Be sure to carefully read the cleaner instructions before applying. And, remember to always take out your picture before cleaning your frame so you don't ruin your picture.

Anytime you use any cleaner, always test a small section of the bottom or back of the frame to make sure the cleaner works well with your metal frame.Once you're done with cleaning your metal frame, wash you hands so you don't transfer any cleaning residue onto your photo. Before replacing your photo, make sure the glass and frame are completely dry before putting back your photo. If there is moisture remaining on the glass, you can run the risk of having your photo damaged if the photo sticks to the glass.

As you can see, it's easy to take care of your picture frames properly by following these simple steps. By regularly taking care of your pictures and frames, your framed photos will always look their best.


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