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November 10, 2020
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See All There Is To See On Vacation With Key West Tours

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Rich with amazing attractions, pristine beaches, exciting tours, and natural beauty, travelers around the world know the Florida Keys is a prized vacation destination. This tropical paradise of North America offers something for everyone. If you live in the United States, you have no need for foreign language classes, currency exchanges, or passports when you come here, as one short flight will bring you to this ultimate island escape.

By taking Key West tours upon your arrival, you can experience all the island has to offer, including pirates, butterflies, kayaking, ghosts, dolphins, shipwrecks, and more. An airplane tour will give you a bird's eye view of this small island and the surrounding coral reef, the largest coral reef in the United States and the third largest in the world. You can enjoy spa treatments or fine dining, lounge on the gorgeous beaches, or jump in the ocean water for a snorkeling, scuba diving, or dolphin encounter tour. Whatever type of vacation adventure you prefer, you'll find it in tropical island destination.

Many Key West Tours To Enjoy

For an incredible sky view of the coral reef and shipwrecks of Fleming Key Channel or the Sand Key Lighthouse and the Mangrove Islands, board a classic bi-plane tour. Another local airplane tour takes you over Boca Grande Key, Sand Key, and historic Key West.

If you'd rather keep your feet on the ground, consider a pirate museum or backcountry hiking tour. You can also take a tour of the island via bicycle or jet ski. You can get your heart racing with a ghost tour that explores the haunted past of this once richest city in America. The knowledgeable and entertaining tour guides will lead you through the frightening and bizarre stories behind the haunted areas of Old Town, which was once home to maritime legends and pirates. The Discovery Channel, the Travel Channel, the History Channel, and the BBC have all featured stories about the legendary ghost tour of the island.

Snorkeling Tours Offer Adventure For Everyone

The coral reef of the island offers an amazing opportunity for anyone to mingle with the marine life calling it home. Since snorkeling doesn't require any sort of certification and much of the coral reef is in the shallows where swimming skill isn't a major issue, snorkeling tours offer a great adventure for everyone.

Schools of thousands of brilliantly colored tropical fish will dart around you as you look for hermit crabs, spiny lobsters, crustaceans, anemones, eagle rays, stingrays, sea turtles, dolphins, sharks, and even 200-pound jewfish.

These sea creatures are used to human interaction and are unafraid, making it an excellent opportunity for taking pictures with an underwater camera. Snorkeling tours can also take you to explore several shipwrecks in the shallow waters where you can see how nature has taken these ships in and made them a home.

Dolphin Tours Are Breathtaking

Dolphins have fascinated humans throughout history and they seem to be just as fascinated with us. These intelligent creatures have rescued us from drowning, helped us catch fish, and even enjoy entertaining us with their delightful personalities and antics. Local dolphin tours bring you up close to these incredible animals, providing an amazing experience to remember.

With so many Key West tours to choose from, the only easy decision is deciding to visit this beautiful, active, and entertaining island paradise.


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