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August 20, 2020
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Ordering Custom Keychains as Gifts this Year

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Chances are pretty good that just about every adult at some point in his life has had a whole bunch of custom Keychains dangling from one another with keys thrown in the mix somewhere. What is it about these little trinkets that have people so hooked on them? The craze started years ago with keyrings, when they were used out of necessity to keep track of keys. Today that necessity has grown to include toys, picture frames, little books, cameras, and other over the top custom keychains that turn out to be excellent gifts for people.

Some of the most popular key chains traditionally are those that have the name of some vacation spot on them or those that are used for advertising purposes. Those expanded to include things that came in handy such as little knives, screwdrivers, and bottle openers. Next came those items that were flashy, glittery, those that glowed in the dark, and those that were very hard to miss. Once the technology came along for tiny light bulbs, it wasnt long before pocket sized flashlights were added to the rings for people. Fast forward a bit and we have custom Keychains that contain peoples photographs, voices, and even those with chips that hold medical information on them.

There are many people who still purchase the chains out of necessity, whether it be to keep the keys from getting lost or for easy identification. Others enjoy collecting the little trinkets, whether the basis of that collection is something like one chain from every state that I visit or key chains with Mickey Mouse or all glow in the dark ones. Others enjoy collecting them, but do not narrow their collections to only one criteria. Others do not intend to collect them but never seem to get around to disposing of unused ones that they collect over the years, and before they know it they are the proud owners of 200 custom keychains lying all over the house tucked into drawers and stuffed into tiny spaces.

The reason that custom keychains are so popular is because they are handy, they convey a message, they are always close at hand, and they are relatively inexpensive to have made. Many companies use them for advertising purposes, and people give them as gifts when they have photographs loaded onto them so that the person has family and friend photos everywhere they go. There are so many different types of custom keychains that it is easy to get distracted by them all and end up spending hours online to order them!


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