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October 20, 2020
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The Secrets of Corporate Web Page Design

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Web page design is a simple way that anyone can have a great looking website. But how do the corporate companies get websites that are out of this world? They follow the same basic rules that anyone with a web page should follow in order to bring in more views and give customers an easy way of navigating a website.

The first element that any website should have is consistency. You will see this in all corporate websites. All the pages should have the same layout and color scheme in order to make the information flow better. You can tell a beginner site from ones that have benefited from the utilization of web design. A beginner's website will have a different font and background color for every single page. This throws off the viewer and can make for difficulty in seeing why any of these pages are even linked together. If you want to sell your business, you must be consistent.

Another way to make your website look just the corporate sites is to have plain and simple graphics. You can have pictures and other multimedia, but don't put it in the first page. This could possibly turn off your customers from coming back to your site. Do not make anyone sit through a mini presentation before they are able to access your site. If you want to have graphics, make sure that they are clean and work well with your websites color scheme. For multimedia, you will want to have this in an area of your site that you can navigate your customers to. And when you use multimedia, use a format that is compatible for most internet browsers. There's nothing more frustrating than having a website tell you that you have to download a new plug in or type of program just in order to play a video or listen to a message. This will only make you lose business. Corporate websites, unless they know their target base wants these things, tends to avoid them on their website.

There's another thing that corporate websites probably spend a lot of money on: checking their website personality. They sometimes conduct polls and focus groups in order to see what the results are, but you can do this with your own site for cheaper. Ask friends and colleagues to view your site and ask them how it made them feel. Is your website friendly? Does it stand out from the crowd? There are a lot of different questions you can ask them in order to see what type of website you are presenting to the public, and you certainly don't have to spend as much money on this area like the corporate businesses do.

Making a website that will look just a good as a corporate website is not a hard task if you make sure to use the basic of web design in order to create a site that is approachable and pleasing to your potential customers.


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