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May 19, 2020
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Scrap Booking - An Introduction

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Scrap booking is a hobby that relates to pasting articles, photos, magazine, newspaper clippings and other memorabilia into personalised decorative albums. Scrap booking is a growing hobby and often 'scrappers' meet on a regular basis for weekends or evenings to share tips and ideas for scrapbook ideas.

In its earliest form scrap booking was a way to blend memorabilia and journals. Scrapbooks have been created since printed material has been available.

Older style scrapbooks tended to have photos that were mounted with photo mount corners with quotes about who was in the photos and when the picture was taken. Quite often these pages would have memorabilia attached to them to make them more attractive.

If like me you are the type of person who is always taking photos and keeps memorabilia from places you visit such as tickets or receipts then scrap booking would be a perfect hobby for you to embark on.

Scrapbooks are great to improve and express your creative side as well as being something that you can store all your photos in.

It is important to use high quality materials when doing scrap booking, as your scrapbook will probably become one of your most treasured possessions due to the time you will spend on it. The most important thing to remember is always use products that are acid free using something that is not acid free can deteriorate and colors may fade over time.

It you are stuck for ideas there are so many books, websites and magazines that will give you great ideas for scrap book pages, however I do think it is important for you to try and create something personal and unique as this will reflect your crafting capabilities and your own personality.

Scrap books can also be given as gifts, sometimes just looking through a pile of photos can be rather boring but choosing the best ones and presenting them on a beautiful page filled with memories will bring a smile to any ones face.

If you are new to scrap booking then you could always purchase a kit to get you started scrapbook kits will contain the basic supplies to create a few pages. The items you will receive will all correspond in colour so you know that it will work together. Although the more professional scrapper would probably not use a kit they are perfect for beginners and will give you great ideas where to start and what colours go with what.

Once you have created your first scrapbook page and have seen how wonderful it looks im sure you will be as hooked on this hobby as I was. Then you can be more creative and try the 100s of techniques there is. It is also a great way to make new friends so keep your eyes out for local scrap book clubs that you could join to share tips and ideas.


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