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May 7, 2020
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Retina Display Explained

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One of its main new features or upgrades of the iPad 3 is its Retina display. Retina is a marketing term used by Apple to clearly explain what its new display screen is capable of.According to some Apple users so far, this is one of the most amazing and liked features to first hit the computer tablet market. Here are a few things that Apples new Retina display can mean to you, the user and consumer:Sharper and Clearer DisplayApple has revealed that there are 300 plus more pixels per every square inch of the iPad 3s screen. It has more pixels than the best HDTV screen. This is four times more pixels than Apples Pad 2.Its resolution is measured at 2048 x 1536, which is outstanding for clarity. There is no other computer tablet like it. These pixels and resolution measurements allow for a crisper, more life-like image. Looking at the display is like looking at a real image.Higher Quality PicturesDue to the increased pixels and resolution, picture taking on Apples iPad 3 has a totally different meaning for users. From those users surveyed, the iPad 3 is the best in capturing the clearest and most focused photos with the highest professional quality.The colors of the photos are not distorted, but are automatically taken in true-to-life colors. The 3.1 million pixels change the way that you can view pictures on the iPad 3. At a normal distance, you will not see dots, lines, or blurry spots in comparison to other computer tablets. The colors and clarity are very realistic. Easier Viewing of Other ApplicationsIn addition to the clearer viewing of pictures, the new Retina display on the Apple iPad 3 offers clearer viewing of documents that you may need to view for school or your career, as well as clearer texts for those who enjoy reading online journals, magazines, or eBooks.For those who enjoy playing games on the iPad 3, you will be impressed with the clarity and realistic viewing of games, especially those games designed for action. You will be tempted to spend many hours playing with the iPad 3, but this high resolution and brightness can drain your battery life quickly.Ease of Use in Any SituationWherever you decide to use your iPad 3, you can rest assured that the clear and crisp display will not change. With its new Retina display, it is so clear that it can even be used in the brightest light or even outdoors on a sunny day.Other Apple iPads, as well as other computer tablets, have a glare that develops if extra light is reflected on the display. Apple has come up with a solution to this problem to allow you the freedom to work or play from any environment that is comfortable to you.Apples iPad 3 is a step up in its innovation. Although some computer tablet users may not need it, many enjoy having a clearer screen to work with, as it is easier on the eyes. Its a great multi-media device that produces high quality pictures and videos that can be shared for years to come.


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