Growth and progress of Internet made real some previously not possible things. 1 of them is definitely video telephony or seeing the person you are chatting with. There isn't a single person that uses the Internet that has never contacted someone by using a video connection. It is very convenient and economical when compared to what ground and mobile telephone providers charge.

However to accomplish video connection over Internet you need a camera to transmit the picture, in this case called a web camera, or webcam in short. This camera can be attached to a PC by a cord or it can be a wireless webcam with a wireless connection. Wireless cam can create a connection with PC through Bluetooth, infrared or Wi-Fi.

Besides video telephony as the major purpose of these cameras, they can be exploited for security. Since wired webcams are limited to the length of their cord they are not that practical like their wireless opposites which can be placed further away from the laptop or router and still accomplish picture of video capture.

Older Internet users probably recollect instant messaging services like ICQ that started the entire Instant Messaging era. Currently we have Windows Live Messenger (former MSN), Skype, Yahoo Messenger, GTalk, iChat, AOL Instant Messenger and many others. What is common for them is that they support the use of a panasonic wireless webcam for voice and video conferencing.

When getting a powered wireless webcam take the following tips into account as they may save you time and cash by helping you to find a cam with options you need. You can decide to get a camera with plastic or glass lens, just remember that glass lens produces better quality images.

In addition, you might want to think about the following features when shopping for an usb wireless webcam: dimensions of the captured video, image quality settings, contrast and saturation tweaks and frame rate (24 images per second is the typical fps). Essentially the higher the quality of the video and more accurate control of the settings the higher the price of the cam is.

If you're using small wireless webcam for security make sure it comes with a number of surveillance friendly functions. Some of them include remote administration of working modes and password protection access to captured videos and images. What's more, built in FTP upload software, time stamping, alerts in a form of text messages, emails, and pre-configured telephone calls can be extremely handy.

At the end, remember to consider and think through all the available options before shopping for any of these cams. So now when you know more about them, go out there and find precisely what you need.